Twiddle & Winks is the founder and creator of the patented LOVEY Fitted Cot Sheet and LOVEY On-The-Go. The LOVEY is a beautifully crafted comforter, consisting of textured fabric panels, to encourage self-settling, and restful sleep. Our products are perfect for bubs who have separation anxiety, those who like a security blanket, or sensory stimulation, and any shopper looking for a unique gift.

From around the age of 7 months, it is common for children to experience separation anxiety, with bedtime being a major contributor to distress. To relieve this anxiety, many parents offer their child a comforter item such a blanket, toy, or stuffed animal. The theory behind this is that the object will provide psychological comfort and enable the child to form a new attachment, hence the term "security blanket". The only problem with this is that traditional comforters can be a strangulation/suffocation risk when placed in the cot with a child.

To solve this, the LOVEY Fitted Cot Sheet was created - a fitted sheet with comforters securely stitched to each corner. This careful design allows the child to safely experiment with different fabric textures and sleeping positions, with no strangulation/suffocation risk. Each sheet is made from luxurious 300T cotton, and is fully reversible for ease of bed making and product longevity.

Twiddle & Winks is proud to also offer the LOVEY On-The-Go range. This range replicates the comforters on the fitted sheet - a feature that lets the child safely have their LOVEY with them everywhere, day and night!


About me (founder)

I don't think anyone would disagree that a lack of sleep has been a harsh reality of parents and young children since the start of time. Sleep is a common element that binds us all and like the majority of people in the world, I really do love and need my sleep.

Insert restless baby. Insert desperate parents. Insert hours searching Google for a solution. Insert endless suggestions from family and friends. Insert SIDS fears but a mattress-scratching young child that needs a comforter (!) and you've got yourself one stressed mumma, and a MASSIVE hole in the baby product market...

After hours and hours of Google searches and website trolling for a comforter-like product that would allow a young child to have natural movement, and safely self-settle without any risk of suffocation or strangulation, I realised that no such thing existed.

So off I went... I put my mad designer hat on, learnt to sew, and voilà (!) the LOVEY Fitted Cot Sheet was born. This was not enough though. What if bub wanted to take the comforter with her... Enter LOVEY On-The-Go. A comforter that replicates those attached to the cot sheet. Success! A sleeping, contented bubba.

Each product has been lovingly designed and created with the intention of safely helping young children (desperate parents too!) overcome separation anxiety, and to assist with the age-old complaint of sleeplessness!

My household is enjoying sound sleep and I would love to see others enjoying the same bliss.

Yours in sleep,

Kylie x