Twiddle & Winks is the founder and creator of the patented LOVEY Fitted Cot Sheet and LOVEY On-The-Go. The LOVEY is a beautifully crafted comforter, consisting of textured fabric panels, to encourage self-settling, and restful sleep. Our products are perfect for bubs who have separation anxiety, those who like a security blanket, or sensory stimulation, and any shopper looking for a unique gift.

From around the age of 7 months, it is common for children to experience separation anxiety, with bedtime being a major contributor to distress. To relieve this anxiety, many parents offer their child a comforter item such a blanket, toy, or stuffed animal. The theory behind this is that the object will provide psychological comfort and enable the child to form a new attachment, hence the term "security blanket". The only problem with this is that traditional comforters can be a strangulation/suffocation risk when placed in the cot with a child.

To solve this, the LOVEY Fitted Cot Sheet was created - a fitted sheet with comforters securely stitched to each corner. This careful design allows the child to safely experiment with different fabric textures and sleeping positions, with no strangulation/suffocation risk. Each sheet is made from luxurious 300T cotton, and is fully reversible for ease of bed making and product longevity.

Twiddle & Winks is proud to also offer the LOVEY On-The-Go range. This range replicates the comforters on the fitted sheet - a feature that lets the child safely have their LOVEY with them everywhere, day and night!